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The Refs gift the Cowboys a win and the controversy could affect the NFL playoffs!

With the end of the NFL season heading into week 18 and the playoffs approaching the NFL is dealing with a controversial call at the end of the Detroit Lions vs Dallas Cowboys that can affect the outcome of the NFC playoffs and maybe even the Super Bowl. Late in the game with less than 30 seconds left the Detroit Lions score a touchdown bringing the contest to 19-20 Cowboys lead. The Detroit Lions decide to go for the win and take the lead as they line up for a two point conversion.

Some of you may be wondering why that's so controversial? It's what happens next that can change the outcome of the entire NFL season. In the NFL a offensive players who wear the number between 50-79 or 90-99 have to report as an eligible player which means they are allowed to receive the football. As the Detroit Lions get ready to lineup for their two-point play and what could be a major upset of the Dallas Cowboys, Number 68 (Taylor Deck) reports to the referees as an eligible Player. Detroit Lions may have outsmarted themselves while they were trying to conceal which player would be eligible number 70 (Zack Martin) also walks up to the referees with Decker as he is reporting eligible, here lies the problem for the Detroit Lions, Martin had reported eligible a few times prior. The Refs announce to the Cowboys that 70 instead of 68 has reported eligible.

Now we come to the controversy, as the Detroit Lions run the play and score the two-point conversion giving them the lead 21-20 with less than 30 seconds left in the game the referees throw a penalty flag. The call is illegal touching by an offensive lineman because the referees announced the wrong player as eligible, which results in a 5 yard penalty on the Lions and now they have to replay the down from the 7 yard line.

Instead of changing his mind and taking the extra point, taking the game into overtime coach Dan Campbell decides to go for a two point conversion again, on that play a penalty is called on the Cowboys and so for a third time Detroit Lions are trying to convert a two point conversion that they already successfully completed but was called back on a penalty that was no fault of their own. After the Lions failing to complete the two-point conversion the Dallas Cowboys win the game.

The Refs influenced the outcome of that game by making an incorrect penalty call catapulting the Dallas Cowboys ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles to the top of their division and pass the Detroit Lions for the second seed in the NFL playoffs giving them a home playoff game as long as they win against the commanders this Sunday.

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