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Road Dogs TV (Long Beach Animas, Jai’alim)

First Episode of 2024! From the Streets, For the Streets.

At a New Location, Animas Records! Animas Records is a Fully Equipped Private Studio in Long Beach, CA! Special Guests: -Long Beach Animas, Celebrating 20 years of Rock n' Roll. From the Streets of Long Beach, CA. With the official announcement of their Recording Studio, Animas Records. Animas Records is a fully equipped private studio Located in none other than Long Beach, CA. Keeping local art and local music alive. @AnimasRecords

Hip Hip Hop Corner: Live Performance by:

JAi' ALiM Ft Doc Holla

@jaialim @DocHolla @JeffKo206

Music Videos:

"Hollywood" by Heavenly Trip to Hell @heavenlytriptohell

'La Policia' by Long Beach Animas @AnimasRecords

'Pumpkin Man by Heavenly Trip to Hell @heavenlytriptohell

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